A total renewal of a three-level downtown bar with new owners and a rich history. The basic concept was not formed within the design, but it already existed – the theme, imagery and atmosphere of Stanlay Kubrick’s film: A Clockwork Orange.

The bar’s spatial conditions support the desires, and allow a variety of use. There are three floors on the small building area, and each could easily be thematized. The lowest, underground level is the place for loud music and dancing. In the middle, the ground floor lives a double-life: a crowded bar at night, but an easy café in the mornings. Finally, the upper gallery space is the place for intimate meetings or group gatherings.

The theme and the color-scheme of the interiors were directly inspired by the movie – a deliberate paraphrase. Underground: black and white checkered floor, cold lights and black walls with the film‘s iconic scripts on them. In the center: the ceiling is broken through – truly and by the means of the infinite-lamps virtually too. Red color is dominating. The bar-counter is orange, silver, black and red checked – another quotation from the film. The toilet is fully black and finite. Above: the silvery wall connects visually to the central level through the cut on the black and white floor. Here the toilets are red and infinite. Beethoven welcomes the guests at the end of the stairs.


Zsolt Alexa, Donát Rabb, Ákos Schreck, Ivett Tarr


Barnabás Imre


Királyi Pál Street, Budapest, Hungary