In their newest project, our longtime customers, Ádám Gögge and Zoltán Horváth (the creative minds behind the soup bars Leves. and Pasta.) sought to channel the already well-known cozy speediness of streetfood into a more serious, seated restaurant atmosphere. The joint design process started out along these demands at the new Kecskeméti Street location, which proved to be a newer and bigger task in terms of the proportion of the place and service capacities as well.

Instead of sandwiches and pasta, here the hungry public of the city center can have two-three course meals for lunch and for dinner. The breezy, spacious and clean premises not only allow the guests to appreciate the architectural values of the place, but, completed with the decoration on the walls, one can also get a taste of the engaging effervescence truly essential to the Budapest experience.


Ádám Gögge, Zoltán Horváth and MINUSPLUS: Zsolt Alexa, Donát Rabb, Ákos Schreck, Zsófia Bakó, Ferenc Kis


Dániel Őry


Budapest, Kecskeméti Str