In 2014, the Harangvölgyi Beauty Salon, which operates in two locations in Budapest, was looking for our office in the planning of the shop in Győr and the development of a new interior design. The Harangvölgyi brand is characterized by naturalness, natural materials, on the one hand technological innovations and achievements.

During the design, we sought harmony in this duality: from the natural, arched, symmetrical shapes, real wood material use. The high-tech atmosphere is represented by high gloss white surfaces, technological floor coverings and professional equipment. During the design, we designed the rooms and accessories of each room – the space has been “immersed” in the furniture that can return to the square and come together round the corner.


Zsolt Alexa, Donát Rabb, Ákos Schreck, Tímea Molnár, Ágnes Bubla, Ferenc Kis


Tamás Török


Győr, Hungary