We are at the foot of the Castle Hill on one of the most prestigious plots in Budapest. The hotel at the Chain Bridge at the Buda side of the bridge has a fancy view of the city. From the south, from the south, from the point of view of the mountain, the castle and the vegetation, the Danube bridges and the river view of the river continue with a series of houses in the Pest side, to settle in the infinite perspective of the sky. This is the visual wealth of the hotel’s interior design. The wood and textile world of southern rooms, moving toward the east, gradually transforms into concrete and glass-controlled interiors so that the mood of the rooms can be identified with the sight of their windows.


Zsolt Alexa , Donát Rabb, Ákos Schreck, Szabina Pap, Blanka Zvolenszki, Kata Benke


Tamás Tóth / VIZKRAFT


Budapest, Hungary