The Bet To Elder Since the founding of a Macintosh Foundation, you have been looking for the right place to create a base where people with disabilities can be employed. The outdated Vörösmarty Cinema proved to be an ideal venue for leasing the capital to the foundation. As a result of its mission, it was a basic requirement for the institution to rebuild in an unobstructed form.

The smaller movie theater operates in its original function without major transformation, and the larger room is transformed into a multifunctional event space, which can also be used as a movie theater. All the related features are connected to the Baross Street and the Üllői Street, thus there are cafés, bakeries, bars, guest rooms and a small shop. The decades-long history of the building is characterized by conserved walls and ceilings in their existing state, where yellow beams representing a long space are the boundaries of the various functions. The areas of the space flow were shaped according to their mode of operation in a different, slightly different way.


Zsolt Alexa , Donát Rabb, Ákos Schreck, Tímea Molnár, Olga Péteri, Blanka Zvolenszki, András Csiha, Petra Csizik, Ferenc Kis


Gergely Kapás


Budapest, Hungary