Instructure, globally known for its educational software solutions, has chosen the 8th floor of the Budapest ONE office building for its Hungarian development center. Beside its advantages apparent at first glance: the bright interior, the great views all-around and the large, connected spaces, the approximately 3,000 m² office space also posed serious challenges for the interior design. The interior zones formed by the free-form building contour and the operation as two separate buildings required special floor plan solutions and a complete reworking of the existing spaceplan.

To deal with the large number of meeting rooms, one-on-one rooms, phone- and video conferencing booths required by the work method of Instructure, we have developed a modular system in which rooms with the same function are uniform in size and equipment and repeated as multiplications of each other.


Zsolt Alexa, Donát Rabb, Ákos Schreck, Balázs Turai, Sarolta Bessenyey, Henriett Gelányi, Richárd Zoltán Szarvas, Liza Petró, Tamás Balogh


Gábor Soóki


Budapest, Hungary