The new office of the Webstar Group in Pécs is already special because of the location: the space offers a panoramic view of the Tettye district of Pécs, and in addition, the facade of the building that houses the office is decorated with graphics by the Kossuth Prize-winning painter Tamás Konok, which had a strong influence on the interior design concept.
During the transformation, the focus shifted from individual workstations to group uses and community spaces of different types and scales: the working environment is diversified with a closed library and multiple meeting rooms, and with the appearance of the workcafé, informal work, as well as rest and leisure activities, have become more prominent.
The grid of lines giving the framework of the office’s interior design concept was formed by reflecting on the house’s strict supporting structure grid system and a computer art inspiration (Georg Nees: Schotter). Yellow stripes run continuously on the floor, walls and ceiling. The strict, geometric order of the grid seen in the private spaces of the office is gradually dissolved towards the lively social space of the workcafé, as the lines leave the grid and make the spaces of socializing more welcoming.
Along with the design process of the Webstar office, the company’s brand was also renewed, during which we worked closely with the graphics team. The result of this is that the brand is prominently displayed in the interior spaces: the meeting and workshop rooms are decorated with brightly colored patterns on the wall sections marked by the grid, while the wall surfaces of the office spaces are painted with calmer colors.

Zsolt Alexa, Donát Rabb, Ákos Schreck, Kitti Claudia Kódor, Anna Flóra Tátrai 


visual designs: Van Graphic Design Studio - decor painting: OK Decoration Murals


Tamás Török


Pécs, Hungary