Office renewal
Budapest, Hungary (2017)
Radovin Wine bar and shop
Budapest, Hungary (2017) HQ - Ballroom renewal
Budapest, Mercure Palace, Hungary (2017)
Apartment renewal
Budapest, Hungary (2017)
Office interior design
Budapest, Hungary (2017)
Emarsys Office 3rd stage
Budapest, Hungary (2017)
Building - architectural contest
Tapolca, Hungary (2017)
Falco Showroom
Sopron, Hungary (2016)
Office interior design
Budapest, Hungary (2017)
Office and showroom
Budapest, Hungary (2017)
Apartment renewal
Budapest, Hungary (2016)
BOC Offices
Budapest, Hungary (2016)
Office design
Budapest, Hungary (2016)
Apartment renewal
Budapest, Hungary (2016)
Apartment renewal
Budapest, Hungary (2016)
Aero Green Project
Budapest, Hungary (2016)
Asia Center renewal concept
Budapest, Hungary (2016)
MAO stage
Kapolcs, Hungary (2016)
Architecture Studio design
Budapest, Hungary (2016)
Great Bistro
Budapest, Hungary (2016)
Anima Bookstore
Budapest, Hungary (2016)
Kapla tower
Budapest (2016)
Emarsys Office 2.2
Hungary, Budapest (2015-2016)
SE-EK University Building
Budapest, Hungary (2016)
DINA Office concept
Budapest, Hungary (2016)
Aura Project
Mustra Concept store
Budapest, Hungary (2016)
Caprice - Dorottya Diamond Palace
Budapest, Hungary (2015)
Party 22 concept store
Budapest, Hungary (2016)
The Coolinary restaurant
Sarasota, Florida (2016)
Multifunctional Community Centre
Budapest, Hungary (2015)
Premier Kult Café
Budapest, Hungary (2015)
MOME Campus
Budapest, Hungary (2016)
Architecture’s progressive study and plans were bought on the tender for the development of the MOME Campus. The Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design is an outstanding institution not only on the applied arts field, but on the overall Hungarian higher education palette as well. Last year, a large-scale campus development has started, which contains the complete renewal of the site, new buildings included. The architectural tender for the project has just been closed, where the progressive entry of Minusplus Architecture was finally bought. Just like other projects by Minusplus, the final plans and study were preceded by years of research.
Summer house
Leányfalu, Hungary (2012-2014)
Biopolus - minusplus research project EDEN CITY
Paphos, Cyprus (2015)
Minusplus recognized the Living Factory project of Biopolus, The Living Technology Alliance at its beginning in such a beautifully underdeveloped state that looked as a great challenge to solve. A collaboration started between our architectural studio and the project-host Biopolus to develop the idea into reality; into a technological and architectural integrity. Together we developed a functional programme for different scale Living Factories and we are looking for the adequate architectural forms of these.
SB Controls Office
Sóskút, Hungary (2015)
Luxury Boutique Hotel
Budapest, Hungary (2015)
Víztükör bar and grill
Siófok, Sóstó, Hungary (2015)
Beauty salon
Győr, Hungary (2014-2015)
Street Food Gombócozó
Budapest, Hungary (2015)
Office interior design for an automotive company
The office space of this international automotive firm aims to reflect the values of the company: the spaces are tuned to show precision and effectiveness. But it should also enhance the human capital and provide optimal work-environment and a cosy space.
Budapest, Hungary (2015)
Instead of closed buildings we see the solution in an open structure eliminating the spatial borders between vendors and customers. Their formerly separated spaces dissolve into each other, resulting a more direct connection. The aim of our structure is not the delimitation of spaces, but the most direct display of the products possible.
Budapest, Hungary (2015)
Budapest Klinikken Tromsø
Skippergata 1-7, Tromsø, Norway (2014-2015)
Office interior
Budapest, Hungary (2014)
Emarsys Office II.
Budapest (2014-2015) Office
Budapest, Merkúr Palace (2012-)
Central Udvar Office building interior design
Budapest, Hungary (2014-2016)
Emarsys Office
Budapest, Hungary (2014)
The image of the company is said to be high-tech regarding it’s products. We found of their architectural equivalent in high quality and naturality. On this base the interior design was determined by the use of wood surfaces, besides the company color (blue) and the appropriate work-spaces. Office
Budapest, Merkúr Palace (2012-2014)
Filo Bar (2013-2014)
Budapest, Hungary (2014)
Filo Bar is a place where you have the feeling that the guys at the counter are your buddies and are regulars like you: they know your name, your taste, our favorite type of pizza and the way you like the wine spritzer.
Mediso Office
Budapest (2014)
We were commissioned with the medical equipment manufacturer’s headquarters interior design. Our task in this characteric building -built between 1970-73- was to design the key priority areas, which includes the communication areas, the related showroom and conference sessions, as well as the executive offices.
Publikus Restaurant
Budapest, Kecskeméti Str (2014)
In their newest project, our longtime customers, Ádám Gögge and Zoltán Horváth (the creative minds behind the soup bars Leves. and Pasta.) sought to channel the already well-known cozy speediness of streetfood into a more serious, seated restaurant atmosphere.
Hoval Hungary Headquarters lll.
Veresegyház, Hungary (2013)
Renovation of this building serve a dual purpose: in the interior we created better functionality, and on the outside we refreshed the outdated facades. Besides the renewal of the office-areas we created community spaces as well, and we open up the entire ground floor to the wider public.
REFOMO Innovation Centre
Gasworks of Óbuda, Budapest, Hungary (2013-2014)
Refomo is an initiative by Climate-KIC02 – one of Europe’s largest development partnership – aiming at the sustainable and energy- conscious refurbishment of historic buildings within the EU. From the three EU's listed heritage buildings, the hungarian case study deals with the Meter House building located in the Obudai Gasworks' area.
Café design
Eger, Hungary (2013)
The environmental perspective of the interior design is as important as the sourcing of the produce served, through their preparation to the final presentation to the consumers. The design concept is based on the duality of technological perfection and the natural materials. High-tech, plastic design furniture and almost untreated lumber are used.
Flat renewal
Budapest (2014)
Office for
Budapest (2013)
Refurbishment of an adventurous public space in downtown Budapest. Originally built as a Jewish casino, the galleried loft was turned into anelectricity distributior, market and even to an art squat in recent decades. All these temporary functions left traces behind before leaving forever. In the continuousmetamorphosis even the spatial structure is transformed and was divided into pieces. From this position we designed a complete re-start.
Warmup Bar
Budapest (2013)
Pasta. Outdoor furniture
Budapest, Kálvin tér - Calvin Square (2013)
Kocka Bar
Budapest, Kazinczy Str (2013)
Flat renewal
Budapest (2013)
From a room apartment on the top floor of a Bauhaus building a funky young man came to us with the followings: he loves the panorama, loves to sleep on the terrace and has not so many personal goods.
Design Week x Crossovers
Budapest and Debrecen, Hungary ( 2013)
Padron tapas bar
Budapest (2013)
Padron is the “love child” of the Beck family, having the mission to bring the endemic tapas bar culture in Spain to Budapest.
Chamber building interior design
Budapest, Hungary (2013)
The Bigfish Seafood Bistro
Budapest (2013)
The Bigfish seafood bistro is located in the downtown of Budapest on the renowned Andrássy Avenue. It occupies the ground floor of a late 19th century building. As the client is a wholesale fishmonger the design aimed to create a restaurant evoking the atmosphere of a fish market at the coast or a warehouse in a port.
Agrob Buchtal
Witterschlick, Germany (2013)
Café and bookstore - these two functions are displayed extremely simplified and concentrated into minimal architectural elements in the showroom of Agrob Buchtal, a ceramic tile manufacturer. Office
Budapest, K9 (2011-2012)
Alibi Café - terrace
Budapest (2012)
Extension to a family house
Sajószöged, Hungary (2006 - 2011)
6 group nursery
Törökbálint, Hungary (2011)
6 group nursery
Törökbálint, Hungary (aug. 2010)
Budapest, Ludwig Museum, Hungary (02.09.2010 - 21.11.2010.)
The exhibition installation is organized by two concepts, that are closely associated with each other and the exhibition material – the works of György Kepes and J. Frank Malina experimenting with light.
Flat Renewal
Budapest, Hungary (2011)
Hungary (2010)
Id. Károly Markó
Budapest, Hungarian National Gallery, Hungary (2010)
Agrob Buchtal pavilion at Cersaie
Bologna, Italy (28.09.2010. - 02.10.2010.)
Sensory experiences play a large role in this space: the gentle sound of the water, the natural touch of the bamboos, the feeling of the tiles, the easy slope of the ground, the infinite space of the mirrors and the trompe l'oeil of perspective.
Maribor New UGM
Maribor, Slovenia (2010)
The platform is a direct connection between the city and all inhabited functions.
Thematic office space - Republic Group
Budapest, Hungary (2010)
Extension to a family house
Bázakerettye, Hungary (2010)
Family house
Budapest, Hungary (2009)
A compact house in the intimate microclimate of the northern slope.
Ahava Beauty Capsule
Paris Department Store, Andrássy Str, Budapest, Hungary (2009)
Moloko Bar
Királyi Pál Street, Budapest, Hungary (2009)
A total renewal of a three-level downtown bar with new owners and a rich history. The basic concept was not formed within the design, but it already existed – the theme, imagery and atmosphere of Stanlay Kubrick’s film: A Clockwork Orange.
Ahava Island
Powerplant Mall, Manila, the Philippines (2009)
In the continuous search of a modular brand kiosk
Vabaduse / St Paul’s Church / Arvo Pärt
Rakvere, Estonia (2009)
The square is too large, the buildings on its perimeters are far and losely placed, thus cannot create a feeling of a closed urban space on the square; the traffic roundabout leaves an empty deserted space.
Memorial for the Katyn Martyrs
Budapest, Hungary (2009)
Memorial for the Katyn Martyrs was selected for the f_f_f_ "young designers in black and white" 2010 exhibition
Interactive Exhibition Space
Győr, Hungary (2009)
Öböl XI Office Building
Budapest, Hungary (2008)
In 2008, the Team0708 Architects Ltd. was created the plans of the Öböl XI office building complexes. The houses with total area of ​​approx. 60 000 m2. Addition to their volume, the most interesting parts are the facades of the buildings.
Concept for the Reconstruction of Skala Metro
Nyugati Square, Budapest, Hungary (2008)
Hoval Hungary Headquarters ll.
Szada, Hungary (2008)
CAPRICE Jewellery | Budapest Marriott Hotel
Budapest, Hungary (2008)
A reflective fractal pattern forming flowers and the soft lines of the space individualize the atmosphere of the store. It opens to the lobby area of the Budapest Marriott Hotel, that was built on the Danube-bank in 1969, and was newly renovated.
CAPRICE Jewellery | Hotel Gresham Palace
Budapest, Hungary (2008)
The jewelery is located in the indoor passage of the Gresham Palace, that was built in 1907 by the London based Gresham insurer and has recently been converted to a Four Seasons Hotel. Its appearance was inspired by the forms and design of the Art Nouveau building, especially the peacock motif that turns up at many points of the palace.
Government District
Budapest, Hungary (2007)
After we won the architectural competition of the Government District, we established a project firm called Team0708 with Bernard Bea, Janesch Péter, Szentirmai Tamás and Vági János.
Concert and Conference Hall
Pécs, Hungary (2007)
A vibrant sytem created to the analogy of a human nervous system.
Hoval Hungary Hearquarters l.
Veresegyház, Hungary (2006)
Petőfi Armybase Reurbanization
Budapest, Hungary (2006)
University of Pécs, Faculty of Visual Arts and Music
Pécs, Hungary (2005)
The faculty of visual arts and music was established in the University of Pécs in 1996, without the existence of the appropriate infrastructural needs. For it's proper use in the future, a compact, well-functioning Campus is needed.
I Love Budapest
Budapest, Hungary (2005)
Social Housing
Budapest, Hungary (2005)
We were invited to this competition which is one of the major social housing competition for years. Five sites, five times five studios. As this competition aims to be a flagship for social interventions in the district, we created a compact mass, with an opened up interior system and an iconic typology.
Atelier House
Budapest, Hungary (2005)
We created a diversified section with public spaces opened together on the underground and ground floor and the ateliers put up with a stacked inner level of ateliers between sesquistorey ones. The variety of ateliers is provided by the randomized displacement of the structural frame of cross-walls.
Orphanage for 40 children II.
Budapest, Hungary (2004)
Kossuth Square
Pécs, Hungary (2004)
Arany János Special School for Mentally Disabled
Csorna, Hungary (2004)
This complex made up of two buildings is the centre for mentally disabled children in North-West Hungary. The house is the larger one of two units, hosting the sports hall, the restaurant and some public functions too.
Vácegres, Hungary (2004)
City Hall
Budaörs, Hungary (2003)
Flat renewal at Aladár Street
Budapest, Hungary (2015)
Falco showroom
Sopron, Hungary (2016)